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Car seat and stroller woes in 2011 Mazda 2 (compact car and baby question)

We are trying to do the registery for IncomingSky- and figuring out the overwhelming selection of transporting baby safely devices.

We really like the Doona, but it's not great longer term, so we are going to need another stroller/car seat (and family has opinions and doesn't want to buy Doona which, if another solution doesn't work for us we will buy on our own) We are looking something that fits well for our compact car, that takes into consideration weight (we live on a third floor walk up) and will transverse urban city streets.

There are so many options so any suggestions on strollers/travel systems will help us narrow our options.


Car trunk is 40in long (wheel to wheel), 21in wide (from bumper to back seat), 13in from floor to short part of trunk lid, 27in from base to top of trunk lid near back seat.

Back-seat is 19in from backrest to seat-end & there's a 13in gap between seat & front driver/passenger seats, for approx 31in from back to front seat.
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Best answer: We’ve just done two back to back babies who are now almost 2 and 3 and we had a proper sturdy stroller for the first (a Quiny buzz) and used it a bit for the second- my husband just took the younger one out today in it for a run. Both had stationary car seats that stayed in the car (which looks like yours size wise) those little ones don’t last very long, they grow out of them and neither liked it. NOW they have car seats and we have 2 gb pockits that I keep in the trunk and which are carry on size when folded completely. We also have a bugaboo. It depends on how mobile you want to be and what the streets are like and the weather.
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Best answer: You might be happiest with the YOYO frankly... the only reason we didn’t get one is that it didn’t fit the carry on specs for the airlines we routinely use... but it seems super tiny and very sturdy.
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We're in a 3rd-floor walk up with a Mazda3 and went with a Chicco Keyfit infant seat and Bugaboo Bee stroller. The Chicco was one of the few infant seats that fit in the centre position of our back seat and still allowed my husband to put the driver's seat far back enough for him to drive comfortably. The Bee has a Chicco adapter, is very maneuverable, and was light enough for me to lug up and down the stairs when I had to, but I usually left it in the trunk of the car when I wasn't using it.
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We have the Babyzen YOYO and LOVE it. So smooth on city streets, and light enough for me (not so strong) to grab and carry up a flight of stairs with baby still inside. I suck at maneuvering but can still push it one-handed, and it pushes through tiny aisles. You can’t fit an entire shopping trip of groceries in the basket like you can with one of the big luxury strollers, but I think it’s a small price to pay for the lightness.

It’s also nice that it folds up tiny and has a built-in strap, so if we need to pack it up to go somewhere or fit in a small restaurant or something, it’s no bulkier than maybe a big gym bag. I’ve brought it carry-on on the plane, and even checked it inside a big suitcase and still had room for all my clothes. I tried this stroller at a Bed Bath and Beyond with a huge baby section and just knew it was “the one”, even though internet research had made me think I’d prefer a different one. So I guess my advice would be either buy the YOYO or try a bunch and see what works for you. And try to really pretend you are using them even if you look like a weirdo! I put a big purse in them to simulate the weight of a newborn and pretended I was carrying them down the stairs to the subway, which made me feel like an idiot but really showed me which one was going to work for me.

We have the car seat attachment and a Maxi-Cosi car seat. The seat is also light and small. I have fantasized about the Doona in the annoying moments when you have to quickly unfold the stroller and snap on the car seat, but to me it just didn’t seem worth for such a short time you are able to use it.

I also ruled out the Doona because of concerns about safe sleep guidelines, which say baby shouldn’t be napping in a car seat because the upright position can compromise their airway... having a flat infant bassinet on the stroller means that when the baby is napping on a walk, you can leave them instead of worrying about transferring. I’d also read/heard that because of these airway issues and spine development/ flat head concerns, car seats should be used only as needed for travel, for two hours or less a day, so I just wasn’t comfortable using a travel system as my main stroller and didn’t want to spend 500 dollars on an occasional convenience. I don’t want to be an annoying, sanctimonious parent bringing this up if you love the Doona... just thought I’d mention the safe sleep and limiting car seat time stuff in case you’d never heard it. Lord knows I’ve occasionally let my baby stay sleeping in the car seat after a trip, and I know other people who used a travel system only with no bassinet, and were fine.
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How often do you plan to put baby in the car and how often do you think you will use the stroller and how often do you think you'll put the stroller in the car?
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Response by poster: The amount of travel we do is going to be fairly light. Mostly errands, and such. Honestly the stoller primary use will be more because we have street parking and generally park a bit away from the apartment .

PregSky will be staying at home with the baby, and I have a good amount of time off work as well. Our family lives far away, but likely we won't be making a car/plane trip of significant length until the kid is over 6 months old just with how my time off will fall.

Right now we tend to right now do major shopping together (like Costco). But that will likely change. Most major travel locations are within 15 minutes of our home.

Because shopping is a big concern, space is at a premuim. It will be summer when baby is born so some leisurely walking will likely happen. Maybe 30 minutes at a time.
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Best answer: I found strollers to be a hassle so didn't get one until my kid was 18 months old and I got pregnant again, and even then didn't use it as much as baby carrying devices. And I primarily got around by walking. If I were you and didn't have physical disabilities, I would consider waiting until you have the baby and then decide if you want one and whether your priorities then lean more towards small size, ease of ride, etc. If you get past the newborn stage without one, you will likely have a different set of criteria to consider than if you need something that accommodates both a newborn and a toddler.
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I was coming in to say what metasarah just said. We have a small jogging buggy (BJCM) and we do both actually run with it, but we ran together before so that was important to us (and the BJCM is pretty light and has a one-handed fold). The BJCM does have adaptors to take a car seat.

But for general getting around, I use the sling much more. It’s a lot quicker to leave the car seat in the car and transfer the baby in and out of the sling than it is to fold and unfold a buggy. And obviously slings are much smaller. I’m a petite woman and in a decent sling I can carry my 10kg one year old around all day quite happily.
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For an infant carseat I would then go with the most obvious - the Chicco keyfit, etc. Go to a baby store and try them in your car. The Car Seat Lady site has a good index of car seats and cars but I didn't see a Mazda2.
Like others said, don't worry about a stroller yet.
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I have a Suzuki Swift, which is a similar size to your car, and a Bugaboo Bee. We've just had our 2nd kid and are still very happy with our pram choice. I'm a smaller person and can easily lift it folded with one hand or open and holding a baby with two. I really appreciate how you can collapse the handles and manouver around tight spaces, like in a cafe or corner store. We bought a 0-4 carseat rather than a capsule and have no regrets.
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