Which rug for my kitchen?
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I need a rug for my kitchen, to cover up some problematic flooring that I can't fix until later. My first attempt -- using an area rug I had on hand -- failed because I quickly realized the rug was a real bear to wash, and that any rug in my kitchen is going to get dirty because of cooking messes, spills, etc. Which rug can help me?

Some particulars:

-- I do not need a thick, cushiony anti-fatigue mat. They're ugly and they seem to be expensive.
-- I do have a pad to put down under the rug, so I don't need one that's got an anti-slip bottom.
-- It's not a large area. I need something like 3x6...maybe something that's sold as a runner. Though I could go a bit smaller, too. Or narrow but longer.
-- I really want it to be machine washable. Or maybe something that I could hose off? Experience tells me it's going to get dirty for sure. The last rug I could put in the washing machine...only my machine didn't like how thick and heavy it was, so it wouldn't spin it, and thus it took multiple days to air dry, even in my very dry environment.

Where is my rug?
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I ended up buying four from target that I kick around and wash every other week or after a big spill. They’re just cotton rag rugs that don’t clash with my decor.
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Would you consider one of those indoor/outdoor rugs? I know people who put these down in the summer in both their (indoor) kitchen and the adjacent (outdoor) deck.
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I am in the same situation you are: there's water damaged flooring in my kitchen and I don't want to replace the flooring just yet (the kitchen floor is a fake wood laminate that is the same all the way out to the living room, hallway and bathroom, so replacing it means replacing all of it).

I was researching options on Amazon and found this "flat" rug. Here's a version in other patterns.
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Best answer: I got a cheapo rug from Ikea that fits exactly in the work area. I haven't washed it yet, and probably won't. I vacuum and spot clean and have no problems tossing it when I can't deal with it anymore, cause the replacement is $12. Something like this.
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Best answer: I agree absolutely with Stewriffic. If you live near an IKEA store, there's a quality yet affordable bunch of pretty cool and modern washable rugs to choose from. We have a kid, so I say this from experience.
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Best answer: I have about a billion nubby IKEA bathmats in various colors. They are filthmagnets, which I like because it keeps the floor slightly cleaner. The nubs feel good on bare feet.
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Linoleum (or vinyl) rugs are a thing. It'll cost more than a cheap throw rug but you wouldn't have to wash it - just mop it like the rest of the floor.
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My entire kitchen is covered with a very attractive Safavieh Courtyard Collection indoor/outdoor rug that I bought on Amazon. I got it to keep my jumping maniac of a puppy from slipping on my horrible laminate flooring. At the time I thought it would quickly become disgusting, but I was wrong. It may actually BE disgusting, but it hides dirt amazingly well, and it can be taken outside and scrubbed once it gets warm. They have every color, pattern, and size you could want. Highly recommended!
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We have one of these bamboo runners in our kitchen as landlord refuses to fix floor cracks. We mop it or wipe up spills. We put a mat under neath as the rubber coating on the back tends to disintegrate and replace it once a year.
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Rag rugs are pretty great in a kitchen, as they tend to be inexpensive and machine washable.

Walmart | Target | Amazon

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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions. I think I'll head to Ikea...
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