Place to store three suitcases in Bangkok for two weeks?
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We're wanting to travel around Thailand for a couple weeks but we don't want to take all our stuff. We have three regular suitcases with excess clothing we'd like to store somewhere in Bangkok while we travel.

We fly back to the US from Bangkok at the end of March. Our commitments in Bangkok ended early so we are going to see some other parts of the country and a couple other countries too, but hauling our big suitcases around just doesn't seem like fun.

So, any ideas where we could store them for a couple weeks in Bangkok? Preferably near old Siam. I'd love something not too expensive. The suitcases won't contain anything expensive so security isn't the highest priority, but of course we want to have confidence our stuff will be OK.
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If you are staying at a hotel in Bangkok, most will happily store your luggage for free or very inexpensively. Otherwise, there are secured left luggage spots at the Bangkok airport for a fee, though I'm not sure of the price. Don't leave anything in there that you would regret losing.
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Yes, your hotel/guesthouse should offer luggage storage. I assume you are able to lock them. I've done this many times with no problem.
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If it's stuff you won't need again in Thailand, have you considered just shipping your bags home/to your next destination? Between the cost of storage and bag check fees, it could potentially be cost effective.
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We're at an AirBnB kind of thing so the traditional hotel storage solution is not available, and we don't have a good place to send stuff back to in the US for various reasons.
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I’ve done that kind of thing for friends and even casual acquaintances (visiting scholars) before. In your work, have you gotten to know anybody that could stick a bag in a corner for a few weeks?
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In a similar situation, I used Bangkok self storage which costs 150 baht per item of luggage per week. (The airport left luggage counter charges 100 baht per day)
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