Help me find a standup bit with a guy that talks a lot but says nothing
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I feel like I'm losing my mind looking for this bit. The bit is a comedian on stage doing a standup act, but he actually says a not of nothing.

It goes something like this:

"You guys hear about this one? We got this guy over here, and I'm like, I dunno man. What's going on, you know? But he's all, no way man."

My Google-Fu isn't working because I have no idea how to even search for that.

Added information:

This comedian used to do this bit with the Sklar Brothers on the subway in New York between stops.
In my head, they could be a Jimmy Pardo or a Todd Glass.

Please help, AskMe, I want to keep my sanity
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It’s Andy Daly!
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This is great. Reggie Watts' TED Talk is in the same vein.
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Pat Kelly's TED Talk parody.
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Fred Armisen had a weekend-update character on SNL that was like that. The character was an indie comic in an army surplus jacket who would flip through a newspaper and "riff" on the news.
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Echoing adastra that this sounds specifically like Andy Daly's take; he travels in the same comedy circles as the Sklar bros so that scans.
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And now that I see it on MaxFunCon there (adastra indeed!) I realize I heard it on a Sound of Young America comedy special.

Thank you, folks! I can live a free man again.
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