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Suggestions on where a group of friends should have dinner near the Denver Center for the Performing Arts?

I have tickets to Hamilton on Tuesday (yay!) but because I am the Ticket Keeper, I am also apparently the Event Planner. I go to the DCPA frequently enough but I don't generally spend time in the area since I'm typically a "get in, watch the show, get out" kind of person. But we want to make this a special event so we're planning on heading downtown early to have a pre-show dinner. Except I'm not really familiar with the options near DCPA.

We'll want to be finished no later than 6:30 in order to give us time to get through security, buy merch, etc. I'm looking on yelp/etc but also hoping for more personal suggestions, especially since I'm trying to figure out what will be best for a group of four, one with with dietary restrictions (dairy) and another who is a somewhat picky eater. Nothing too expensive, but still "nice." I don't mind making reservations if they're needed.

We'll probably be parking at the DCPA garage or using Uber/Lyft so something not too far away would be ideal. I don't particularly want to deal with the 16th St shuttle, so LoDo would be considered too far (unless there's a super awesome place that is perfect), although walking up to 16th St itself should be fine. Maybe a 4/5 block radius in general.
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i still have dreams about the pommes frites at bistro vendome - it's about a 5 minute walk from the DCPA and it's not crazy expensive, but it's a homey french bistro-y type place.
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The Corner Office is directly across the street and pretty yummy. That's where we usually go because of convenience and the food/drinks are good.

I also like Tamayo which is at the end of Larimer Square and easy walking distance. Since you can walk there from Larimer Square, any restaurant you like there will work (Euclid Hall, Rioja, etc.).
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If you like Italian, Pizza Republica has a location just down the street. It’s our go-to place before shows. Good happy hour too.
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There's also Stout Street Social, which is a little raucous but has a wide ranging bistro/bar food menu (including sushi and oysters) and usually offers one free drink per DCPA ticket.
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Euclid Hall is also a good option if you're into beer.
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Thanks for all your suggestions, everyone! We ended up going to Corinne in Le Meridien hotel (since we could get a free drink with our theater ticket). Everyone seemed to enjoy their food, plus it was a cozy atmosphere that wasn't too loud so we could have a conversation. The cocktails were definitely delicious, though -- I'd be willing to go back just for their signature Old Fashioned.
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