Quiet place in DTLA between 10-12 on a Friday night?
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I have two hours to kill in downtown LA, alone, from ten to midnight on a Friday night. Where can an introvert go for a quiet-ish drink or dinner where I can sit with my book/phone without being disturbed or out of place?

I'll be at the Ace Hotel before and after, so something nearby (or one of their venues) would be ideal. Nothing crowded/rowdy or super fancy-- just somewhere where I can just unobtrusively chill.
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Well The Last Bookstore closes at 11, so you could go there for an hour.
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That’s a bit of an awkward time, as most things open that late are noisy and the DTLA places I would recommend (Central Library, Cognoscenti Coffee, Last Bookstore) close by then. And Friday nights = noise.

One thought is older hotel lobbies like the Biltmore over by Pershing Square. The Ace itself might have a chill spot.

Actually, a good next step is to see if the Ace has a concierge. They’d hook you right up.
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I went to Garçons de Café, a wine bar, for the first time a couple Fridays ago after dinner with my wife in DTLA. It had a decent amount of seating, the patrons were quiet, and the wine selection was solid. I saw a couple people working on their laptops too. Music was chill and not too loud. On Friday's it's open until 1am.
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There's always the Pacific Dining Car.
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There's a mezzanine at the Ace which is listed on their site as a "public space" : "The Mezzanine's the place to meet friends, make eyes at a stranger or work on your novel."
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Biltmore Hotel has a nice relatively quiet old-fashioned lounge.
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