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Howdy - looking for advice or first-hand accounts (good/bad/etc) about several social media management systems. Specifically -- have any of you had any experience with SocialOwl, Sendible, HeyOrca, or Buffer? Much obliged for any insight!
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I use buffer to manage our work Twitter account. It's great. Every 10 days I load it up with 10 days of tweets and then forget about it until next time. I've used hootsuite too and find it slightly better if you want to schedule tweets for specific dates and times. (Buffer lets you do that but the interface for doing so is worse).
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Big fan of Buffer here, I actually like their interface for scheduling tweets at specific times.
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Ditto on Buffer: I use it to manage about 6 separate accounts. Nice interface, you can queue up posts, schedule them in a sensible way, pause the queue. About the only fault I can think of is that it may not handle all the platforms you need to. Best to check that.
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Best answer: I've never worked with HeyOrca personally, but one of my friends did. He liked it okay, but I remember him mentioning there were some weird little quirks he hadn't encountered with other schedulers. HeyOrca is made for agency work so I think that's primarily where its strength lies. If you think you'll be managing a lot of different accounts for different businesses, it might be worth it to check out. I've never worked with Sendible before, but it looks like it'd be similar to HeyOrca.

I've never used Buffer's Awesome plan, and right now, I really only use it to schedule #MondayMotivation posts with their Pablo tool. Their free plan is extremely limited--you can only schedule ten posts per platform at a time. That said, their interface is pretty great, and when I had a login problem, their support team was excellent. If it's worth it to you to pay for a tool, the Awesome plan is probably a good investment.

Other social media management tools I've worked with have been Hootsuite, which is pretty good and has a pretty feature-packed free version but the interface isn't as friendly as others, and SproutSocial, which is currently the main one I use for managing the social media for my office. It is more expensive than any of the other options, but I have found that the features you get for the price (SmartInbox, exportable reports, Feedly integration, content discovery tools, etc.) are super worth it.
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