Where can I find a business case study of College Works Painting?
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I'm fascinated with this company. I love the idea of teaching young people about entrepreneurship. I love the idea of them taking a leadership role in the organization itself. Where can I find an X-Ray of how they work? Everything. I've been researching, but haven't found anything like a high quality case study.
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Try reaching out to alum who haven't provided a blurb for the site, if you can find any? This sounds like a program I signed up for as a first year of college (was painting and this type of 'entrepreneur' speak, but don't remember the actual name) and then quit when I realized it was more of a pyramid scheme than an opportunity. In my experience, students who sign were not actually trained for the job or supported, and bear the costs of the programtime and materials with really vague discussion of 'bonuses' for the 'best work'. I do not remember there being a guaranteed minimum wage for the participants.
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Assuming you're a legit user and this isn't spam... yeah, it's a pretty well recognized scam/pyramid scheme. Adding "scam" to your Google search will get you a number of critical articles.
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I spent an hour half-eavesdropping on someone teaching a newbie about the sales part of it in a coffee shop, which started to feel odd after a while.

And my house is wood, and it's really nice when my 50-year-old, _experienced_ painter has his crew of _experienced_ painters crawling all over it and rebuilding stuff out of wood putty and so on. It's not just applying a layer of paint, and it's nice to have people trained in the trade and not faking it.
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[Quick note: we have no reason to assume this member is spamming (something we're awfully careful about), so if you have helpful info, please proceed. If you have doubts, feel free to pass it up. OP, people will share what information they can; you can just pick and choose whatever seems helpful to you and ignore what isn't useful.]
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