Alternative to split rings and s-links for dog tags
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I am looking for some piece of hardware that can replace the s-link/split ring that holds a dog's tags to the collar. Suggestions? Minor details within!

I've had bad luck with both the usual s-shaped links and split rings when attaching dog tags to a dog collar. In both cases they've gotten snagged in the carpet, resulting in a frightened dog and a line of missing loops in the carpeting. (This has happened multiple times, and with different dogs.) Surely there is some alternative? I've been googling, trying to find suggestions, but I think I must be missing some secret keyword that would get me the results I want. (And yes, I've looked at key ring alternatives!)

Ideally, the replacement thing would be sturdy, with a closing/locking mechanism that won't snag on anything. It should also be small enough to fit appropriately on a 3/4" wide collar, and big enough to hold 3 tags.

I've paid the dog picture toll here .
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Are you married to using actual tags? There are lots of collars with built in name plates like this

You can also get some nylon collars with their information printed right on the fabric.
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For now, I do need to use actual tags (ID, rabies vaccination, etc.)
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Something like the Rubit! tag clip would probably meet your needs, though I did see some quick release safety clips on display the last time I went collar shopping. The quick release clips seemed to operate like the safety collar my cat wore.
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I'm not sure of the exact name but "quick links" are like single chain links with a threaded barrel, kind of like a locking carabiner but with no snaggy bits. Anyway google "quick link" and you'll see them. They come in all sizes (I use a tiny one for keys) and materials and your hardware store should carry them.
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Keychain cable, if a loop doesn't put it in the "snaggable" category. I've been using the same one for my keys for 15+ years and it's never snagged on anything.
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A small length of ball chain would probably also work well. There's probably some on something somewhere in your house.

Barring that (or for a quick fix), you can thread the tags onto a strip of fabric and tie that onto the collar. I'd pull out a drawstring from a hoodie and re-use for something like this. Or use an old shoestring?
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I’ve been using Boomerang tags for about 15 years now. We buy the flat stainless style that has openings to wriggle the collar into (my pets wear nylon breakaway collars). We’ve never lost a tag.

License and rabies tags for the dogs are on their leashes, since they are always on leash out of the house or their fenced yard.
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PS > darling pup! Who’s a most excellent pupser!
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Use a thin cable tie.
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I have used these and I have used these. My dog is too small for either of these solutions (her tags drag on the ground when she walks) so I ended up using a split ring on a house collar and it works fine, no snagging and the tags display as they're meant to.
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I use the second one Nyx linked. It locks and it has never snagged.
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My dad just rivets the rabies tag, address tag and phone number tag onto a leather collar. By the time you get to year 3 or 4, the dog needs a new collar anyway. Also, no jingle noise which is awesome.
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I LOVE my Pawdentify Links-It Pet ID System. I have broken so many nails changing split rings. With this, there is a latching system that holds it closed. My dog runs in the backyard, crawls under the house, etc. and it hasn't gotten caught at all. It's also a breeze to switch to a new collar.

You can get just the connector but I actually also super recommend the ID tag itself. It's printed instead of engraved, so it doesn't wear off from rubbing against her rabies tag! My dog is 40 lbs, wears a size medium collar with 3 tags. We use the standard size link, but there's also a smaller version.
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The “secure lock” carabiners resulted in us losing a set of ID/rabies/license tags. A small zip tie (with the tail cut off) worked so much better.
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We use nylon cable ties tightened down to a small diameter (maybe 0.5" or so) and then with a drop of Krazy Glue applied to "lock" them. Only once has our dog ever managed to break one, and even then there is some dispute as to whether the nylon or tag broke first.

Also much quieter than the metal S-hooks that our municipality supplies with rabies/dog-license tags.
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I just use the rings that you would use for your keys. Cheap, durable, weatherproof, and super easy/functional. You can get them in different sizes, too. (Edit: sorry, missed your below the fold reply, ignore this useless answer!)
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The simplest thing would be to use a split ring, and entomb it in some gaffer's tape, especially at the ends, which is where (I am guessing) the carpet gets snagged.
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Split rings are the worst, aren't they? We've replaced all split rings in our household with binder rings. Although we haven't used them on a dog collar, I assume they'd work for that purpose as well.
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I've used these mini locking carabiners for my dogs, and they work really well. Makes it easy to change tags, but they also stay put. We have large dogs, so I'm not sure if the additional length would be a problem for small dogs.
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A small dab of jb weld in the gap of a regular hog ring/s-link would solve your problem.
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Thanks, all! I'm going to try to find a sufficiently thin-gauge quick link (which I had a very clear mental image of, but I guess google image search doesn't accept telepathic information. Yet).
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