What's the name of the Myst-like game where you look for missing crew?
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I played a Myst-like game about ten-fifteen years ago on the PC and I can't remember the name, despite googling "Myst-like" and various tags. All I remember (besides it was fiendishly hard) was the premise - you've arrived on an alien planet in search of an exploring party that had previously come to the planet. Like Myst, it was first-person, and moving was very stiff (basically jumping from fixed view to fixed view).

I only remember two puzzles: in one, you had to inflate an airship's gas bags with two different gases in the right proportions in order to fly it. In the other, you had to listen to an alien's chant and then put a pipe organ together and then play that chant on the pipe organ. Obviously I didn't get very far, but it was beautifully atmospheric and I'd love to look at it again.

Oh, also there were two points of view - you could jump back and forth between two explorers.
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This isn't the answer, but it may help in your search to know The Seventh Guest was another Myst-style game. I think I know the one you are talking about. Pretty sure my friend had it in his collection of early CD games back when early CD games were the only CD games. ;)

There were at least four or five Myst-alikes that I remember, though it and TSG are the only ones I liked at the time.
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I'm not sure of the exact game you're talking about. The puzzles definitely sound familiar and I played several games like this during the early 90s when developers were trying to get creative and deliberately vague with point-and-click adventures. The Seventh Guest, Myst, Zork Nemesis...

Wikipedia category: First-person adventure games might be a good place to start.
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Maybe the Crystal Key?
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Are you talking about Ray Bradbury's "The Martian Chronicles" video game? I have similar memories of struggling over that rocket ship. If it helps jog your memory, here's a screenshot of that rocket ship.
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Thanks, jozxyqk! It was in that list! The game is called
and I am happily looking at screenshots now. :)
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