Fossils Hunters in Los Angeles: Wild Style Edition
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We were going to try to access Fossil Ridge Park sometime soon with a group of kids and adults, but looks like access is not possible. I'm not keen for encountering snakes or ticks on an unmaintained trail. What are our alternatives?

We'll contact the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy tomorrow to see what they recommend. If you have experience with Fossil Ridge in Sherman Oaks or other hikes/parks where we can see fossils or petroglyphs or other ancient artifacts out in the wild, please let us know! Thank you!!

(If you choose to pass on a "secret spot" via MeMail, I promise to keep it secret forever and ever and ever. Promise.)
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Back in the '70s , on a school field trip our bus stopped on the side of somewhere in the hills of Malibu and we dug fossils out of the hillside right off the road. I remembered it as Old Malibu Road, and a search for "old malibu road fossils" brought up some useful things. But then I did a Google Maps search for Old Malibu Road, and it doesn't exist, but there's an Old Topanga Canyon Road, which most likely is the road we were on. Searching "old topanga canyon road fossils" brought some more useful results. On Google Maps, when I put in Old Topanga Canyon Road, one of the markers shown is "The Ampitheatre, Fossil Oyster beds"
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