What to do in Savannah, GA this weekend?
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A friend and I will be in Savannah, GA this Friday through Sunday. What should we do?

Things we like:
- museums and walking tours, especially science-oriented or with docents that tell funny stories about any subject
- regional or historical foods: food tours, high tea, dim sum, crab boils
- Contra dance and Scottish country dance
- Supermarkets (someone took us to Jungle Jim's in Cincinnati and it was awesome)
- Folk music, especially banjos and cellos and funny or meaningful lyrics

Things we don't like:
- Renting a car to get somewhere (neither of us can really drive)
- Expensive things
- Late nights and early mornings
- Also, not sure how much this matters, but she is a white woman and I am not.
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- Most of the Historic District is historical and not all that science based. There are a couple of walking tour guides but I don't have any recommendations. The Mercer-Williams house and the Juliette Gordon Low house are nice if you want a house tours. The Cathedral is cheap and open for tourists except during.

- Food: A lot of people say The Lady and Sons (Paula Deen's) is overrated. Debi's is often recommended, and I hear good things about Narobia's Grits and Gravy but never figured how to get down there when they're open. Shrimp and grits is one of the local dishes.

- Savannah metro is majority African American outside of the tourist district.

- Chatham Area Transit runs a free shuttle, the dot, that covers most of the historic district down to mid-Forsyth.
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- regional or historical foods: food tours, high tea, dim sum, crab boils

One of the most unique dining experiences I've ever had was at Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room. It's only open M-F with one seating at 11am, so it depends what time you will be there on Friday. Get there early and hungry.

High tea at Gryphon Tea Room is delightful.
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I spent a couple of days there last winter and we stayed downtown, didn't see our car from check-in to check-out, and just wandered around exploring, touring, shopping, eating, and drinking wherever caught our fancy at the time. You can pick up a walking tour guidebook when you get there and just have fun and wear comfy shoes.
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I live in Savannah but don't go out much. However, I do know that the way to find something going on to check out Connect Savannah, our weekly paper.

Be prepared to do a lot of walking. there are city buses but I think they don't run very late. Some parts of town are safer than others, as in any city.

Feel free to memail me with specific questions.
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Oh, and if you're flying in there is a cheap but comfortable city bus at the airport that will take you right downtown.
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In case future Mefites try to plan a trip to Savannah off this thread, I'll expand on mareli's warning: the only reliable public transportation is the DOT shuttle.

We never managed to take a regular CAT bus. We waited an hour for the airport shuttle, then called Lyft. The CAT operator told us that the vehicle broke down, returned to the garage for repairs, left again, and then went missing (?!). We called Lyft again for our return flight, because the bus wasn't running then.

Tried to take another bus the next day and it came four minutes early, while we were fifty feet short of the stop. We ran after it for two blocks to the next stop before giving up. It only comes once every three hours, so we walked the rest of the way.

We tried to see a play slightly outside the historic district, and found ourselves walking in the dark along the shoulder of a four-lane highway. Luckily someone at the theatre gave us an alternate route home which was still along a highway and had sections without sidewalks, but not both at once.

We planned to go out to Old Fort Jackson, but gave up when we realized that this also required a four mile hike each way along the side of a highway.
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Other notes:

1. The Connect newspaper was an excellent recommendation. That was how we found a $25 production of The Lieutenant of Inishmore and a free reception by the Savannah Clay Community with hundreds of beautiful mugs.

2. David's Crab on 35th and Montgomery was delicious. We had high hopes for Trick's as well, but we got there too late and they had closed for the weekend.

3. There are a lot of churches. We saw some beautiful stained glass and attended Compline prayers with a Gregorian choir. Interestingly, they were accompanied by an organist, which was a neat addition I hadn't heard before. A really peaceful and meditative end to the weekend.

Oh, and Mrs. Wilkes' sounded right up our alley, but we weren't able to get out of the airport in time. Gryphon Tea Room was having a really bad day: a limited selection of almost exclusively blended and flavored teas, tiny portions, wilted and spotted fruit, clots of hardened cream crusted onto the service. Not being familiar with this tradition, I asked the waiter how one could keep the tea remaining in the pot from over-steeping, and was told, "I'm sorry, I cannot do that." Points for honesty, at least.
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