An inCREDOble offer?
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Have you switched to CREDO from one of the large cell phone companies?

Please let me know what it's like to switch to CREDO. Is the cellular reception good? Did they (pretty much) wind up making you whole after you broke your contract with the Big Company? Are they decent with customer service? Weird hidden costs?
Anything else one should know?
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Not worth it. Their issue campaigning I suppose is a contribution to the world. But they are an unnecessary middleman between you and Sprint, etc.; and the Web teems with 1-star reviews of their long-term customer service. Why not just get a superior, normal mobile plan, save the money and just donate directly to the causes of your choice? As opposed to Credo's choices, which I found sometimes great and sometimes not that great. Also not sure how they are now on unions but last time I checked they weren't that great.
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I appreciate what they are trying to do but Sprint is beyond horrible where I live (and I'm in a major city in Florida.) That right there is a deal breaker for me. I have a monthly reminder in my calendar (set for a payday) to make a charitable donation somewhere directly to one of several organizations that I support. And I do.
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CREDO stopped using Sprint in 2016. They now use Verizon. The coverage should therefore be similar to Verizon's, which is pretty much the best there is. As a MVNO customer, you will likely be prioritized below actual Verizon customers when towers are congested. I can't speak for the company's customer service, as I've never used them.
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We used them when they were with Sprint for five or six years. I didn't personally feel like it was worth it. We had pretty poor reception but we also live in a weird city that tends to be passed over. I think it's easier to just donate to the causes that are important to you. They also had really poor choices for new phones if you wanted to upgrade. If you want Apple or Samsung Galaxy, it might be alright for you. AT&T is a union company, if that speaks to you.
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I always found their customer service to be amazing when I was with them a few years ago; friendly, fast, quick to credit your account. That, plus the political mission, kept me with them for years despite the lack of phone choice and relatively high prices.

Cell reception wasn’t as consistent as I wanted, because they were lower priority on whatever tower they piggybacked on. Another reason I left.

But it does feel good to be helping with causes you believe in.
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We've been with them for seven years now after switching over from AT&T. We've had reliable reception in the three states we've lived in during that time (IA, WI, SC). Customer service has always been accessible and helpful.
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The wife had Credo for the last five or six years. They were generally a pain to work with. They have limited customer service hours. The ability to manage services through the website was pretty non-existent (which made the limited phone hours particularly annoying). They were more expensive long-term. And the reception was always spotty. But she stayed with them because of their mission. That is, until they called for Al Franken's resignation, which my wife disagreed with. That day, she switched to a major provider and has been much happier elsewhere.
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Surprised about all the Credo hate here. I've had them since I first got a cell, 2003 I think? Honestly cusromer service is what keeps me there, although it isn't ehat it was when they were working assets.

I will say that some areas of the country have spotty service, but those primarily v. rural
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I use CREDO. About a month or so ago, they offered to switch me over to Verizon (from Sprint). Works great - have not had any issues.

When I first switched, I forgot to send in the necessary paperwork to get the refund for breaking my existing contract, and CREDO reminded me to do that. So I was happy with that aspect of their customer service.
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