Who Is This Masked Musician?
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Season 4 of Mozart in the Jungle includes a piece called Etude 3 by Nadia Skota. You can listen to this if you have Amazon Prime. She does not show up in a Google search. Who is Nadia Skota?
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I think you're looking for Nadia Sirota. (Etude 3)
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Its on the album Baroque, which you can stream/buy on bandcamp.

The piece is written by Nico Muhly who spends a lot of time writing opera these days, but I've always found his instrumental music to be the most impressive. It's performed by Nadia, who is involved in all sorts of projects as a performer and radio host.
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Thank you.
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Thank you, Raybun, neroli and lownote, for introducing me to this piece. Another reason to be grateful for the existence of Ask MetaFilter.
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