Suggestions for where to stay in Montreal, s'il vous plait
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Taking a US-based teen to McGill for a tour of both the campus and to get a sense of Montreal this April and I'm looking for suggestions for hotels and must-sees. Thanks!
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Best answer: I can't help much for hotels, sorry! However, some recommendations:

- one of the best views of Montreal, atop the Mont Royal
- for events, go here and find the day's "To-Do List" on the right side

- outstanding Portuguese rotisserie; try the incredible poutine (it's not a "classic" poutine because it's made with chicken... but it's amazing. for a great classic poutine, go to Patati Patata a few blocks away)
- for oysters and great food
- outstanding ramen
- two great Italian restaurants in the Mile End: this and this
- visit the Mile End! have a bagel or two
- this great modern/fusion Japanese restaurant
- one of the best brunch places
- I have tons more (bakeries, markets, stationary store -- MeMail me!) but I'll end on one of my favorites tiki bars (try visiting on a weekday -- it gets very busy on weekends)
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Best answer: I have stayed here in the past and would recommend it, though I don't imagine you have particular need for a kitchen. It's very close to (part of?) UQAM, rather than McGill, but McGill is walkable.
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Best answer: My family and I were in Montreal at the end of December for a quick (and freezing cold) vacation. We stayed at the Sofitel Golden Mile, which is a five minute walk from the main gate into McGill's campus. Don't know what the prices will be in April, but we were very happy with the hotel.

We spent quite a bit of time at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, which is about five minutes from said hotel in the other direction.
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Best answer: I stay at the Westin, which is near the old town. Great, walk able area and super easy access to Metro if needed. Ditto Mont Royal, also Olympic Stadium tower. I love the Old Port for people watching, shopping and sightseeing. Leonard Cohen Park is cool, easy to get a bike tour of Mile End if your thing.
I really enjoyed Cite Memoire.
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