Giant tote
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I am looking for something that should be easy to find, but for some reason is not. I need a plastic tote that is 22 inches square. A rectangle is also fine, but all dimensions need to be at least 22 inches. The container must have a lid.

I have looked everywhere, and can't seem to locate this. My ideal container would be 36x24x24, but that does not seem to be a thing that exists. I can't even find a cardboard box that size that I can just buy individually (I find 5-packs, but I need one box, not five).

Why is this so hard?

As a corollary question, is there another option I am not thinking of? I need to store a Litter Robot II for awhile (my cat passed away kind of suddenly, and I want to save the litter robot but don't need or want it out right now). I no longer have the original box it came in.
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Big black trash bag with cinching top?
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Uline has some options, but they're crazy expensive. Oh, and they have very large bags. Might be worth poking around that site some more.
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A Large Electronics Box (link) from U-Haul meets your minimum and comes closer to your ideal than anything else I can think of -- 24.5"x24.5"x27.5".
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A deck box, maybe? You could also make a custom box out of giant pieces of cardboard cut to the right size (I've gotten big boxes, made for grills, etc from my local small hardware store).
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Is there a The UPS Store near you? I used to work at one and they will definitely sell you an individual cardboard box and they will almost definitely have the size you need. You could call and ask them first to be sure.
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A home depot extra large heavy duty box is 22x22x22.5 and available as a single. If you would ideally like a larger box, the regular wardrobe box is like 24x24x34 and the tall wardrobe box is 24x24x44.
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IKEA should have what you want, and I think they run about $14.
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I know they exist, my son has a couple very large, very sturdy storage chests with wheels. Effective search terms - contractor storage chest, tool chest, extra large.

39-1/4"L x 31-1/2"W x 29"H Easy Assembly Bulk Containers - Solid Or Vented Sides
37" x 23" x 23 Stanley 50 Gallon Mobile Tool Chest $72.66

I'm sorry about your cat.
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tall wardrobe box is 24x24x44

Yeah, this would be perfect. If you want it to fit even more exactly, you can use a utility knife to slash down at the corners to sort of extend the flaps, if you get what I mean.
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