Construction-themed books for children, but oddly specific
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Can you recommend picture books and books for young children that feature women in construction? Any construction trade is fine. Bonus points if the women are in charge. Thanks!
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Roadwork by Sally Sutton has women in the crews, but not in charge and the gender ratio is better than most crews I've seen in real life.

note that the description in the link appears to be for a different book. This link has the correct description
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Two books by the Ahlbergs - Miss Brick the Builder's Baby and Mrs Plug the Plummer. There's a video of someone reading Mrs Plug here.
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Sorta related, there is a new book on Rosie the Riveter coming out in August: Rosie, A Detroit Herstory. I saw some of the illustrations from the book (including of all women working in certain pictures) in this article, which look great, and are why I think it might work for you.
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Hard Hat Area by Susan Roth.
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Nelly Gnu and Daddy Too has Nelly hands-on helping to build her play house.
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Monsters on Machines is about monsters doing construction, but some of them are explicitly female.
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My daughter loves construction books so I'm always on the lookout. We have two that have a good gender balance - the Usborne Construction Sites flap book and B is for Bulldozer. Neither of them really show anyone being "in charge" but the workers are all noticeably diverse.
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I'd be interested in finding some for my son too, but in the meantime, Digger Dozer Dumper at least goes 50/50 on the gender of the machines.
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Mighty, Mighty Construction Site has machines that use female pronouns. This is Tinyville Town shows female construction workers. And Wendy from Bob the Builder is featured in at least one book that I can't remember the name of.
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Not quite construction, but Rosie Revere, Engineer is great.
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Whose Tools? is about building a house and features several women.
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My recollection is that Easy Street Has men and women on the crews. I don’t have access to the book any more, but the amazon pictures at least show a woman driving one of the big pieces of equipment. It’s kind of hard to tell which of the folks in vests and hard hats are women.
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Katy and the Big Snow has a female (snowplow) protagonist.
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The book Mommies at Work have women doing construction and all kinds of cool things! I loved it when I was a kid.
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