Italian Residency & Health Care
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I'd like some input on the most efficient way for me to set up a life in Italy. I have some ideas with regards to registering a business &c. but I'm confused about a couple of things. Thanks!

My girlfriend and I are EU citizens. We've just moved to Milan for medical reasons. She has a chronic condition that's being treated here. Because of her condition, she doesn't work. I am working as a consultant.

My girlfriend is currently an Italian resident. She has registered as an economic dependent of her mother, who lives and works here. She was given residency for 1 year, at which time she will need to renew it. Her mother's work is a bit precarious, and we have some concern that she may not be in Italy when it comes time for my girlfriend to renew her paperwork.

I am not an Italian resident.

I have started the process of registering a business in Estonia through their e-residency program. I will be registering a private limited company, and I will be the sole founder and director.

After the company is registered, I would like to sign employment agreements with both myself and my girlfriend.

Here's what I can't quite figure out:

If we are both EU citizens and have full-time employment with a company in the EU, can we easily register as Italian residents with access to Italian health care?

Other details:

I am not yet an Italian resident, but I do have a Codice Fiscale, and our rental contract is in my name.
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I really think you need an Italian immgration attorney; you have a lot riding on this outcome.
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