Name that tune, round one billion.
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I was driving in Portland, listening to the alternative rock station. They played a song that sounded like The Beatles singing Queens of the Stone Age. And there was a crazy prog-rock synth solo in the middle (I think it was a synth at least). It was great! What was it?

The vocals reminded very much of The Beatles, specifically something like "Because". The music was very desert rock... I say QotSA because they are popular, but it was a bit more vibe-y and dark than their music sometimes is. And the prog-rock solo was so killer!
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Do you know what station you were listening to? They often keep playlists.

Depends on the DJ, but is pretty good about this.
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Do you mean Portland, Oregon? And if so, do you know if the station was KNRK, the commercial alternative station around 94.7 (their recent playlists) or (as furnace.heart suggests) XRAY, the more indie/freeform station around 107.1 (their recent playlists)? I don't recognize this song from the description, but agree that looking at those playlists might help.
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Thanks! I went through KNRK's playlists and found it! It was Tame Impala - Elephant.

Fucking great song. Thanks for the search suggestions.
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I thought from your description it was probably Tame Impala. That was a really good!
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