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Have you recently bought a washing machine? Do you like it? Can you tell me what model it is?

For years I figured that when our current washer died, I was going to buy a Speed Queen. Well, our current washer died and guess what?!? They just redesigned their entire line for 2018 and the internet seems to imply they aren't the gold standard anymore. And the update is too new for legitimate review organizations to have put it through the paces.

I'm currently stuck in online review hell. CR says a washer is great, CNet Reviews says its garbage. Aggregated reviews are all over the place. Do you like your washing machine? Does it seem like it's going to last for 10 years?

Despite what the obvious energy efficiency advantages of a front-loader, my partner insists that we get a top-loader for reasons that are valid to her situations, so if you recently bought a top-loader that you like, I'm all ears.
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A best-practice when looking to buy new gear is check The Wirecutter: Best Washing Machines (and Their Matching Dryers)
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^we got the LG recommended by the Wirecutter and we‘re very happy with it. Going on a year now. I wanted a top-loader too (back problems, diaper laundry) but we ended up with the frontloader on a pedestal so it‘s at loading height. Maybe that helps.
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I went with the LG front-loader washer and dryer recommended by wirecutter and they've been good - no problems or complaints. I got them from Home Depot and they installed them. I think there was some kind of mail-in rebate at the time. I believe Trump may have announced some kind of tariff affecting foreign washer/dryers so this may be impacting the price, but I don't know more than that.
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Oh - on top loader versus front loader -- LG sells a "pedestal" that you can put under the washer to raise it up, which means less bending to load/unload. This may be a way to compromise.
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We have an LG top loader*. Love it. Everyone I know has an LG washer and dryer now and we all love them, they are definitely the new go-to. Getting it in white usually save you $50-100.

*Was a requirement for our laundry room space, you wouldn't be able to open the door of a front loader.
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Yet another LG / Wirecutter endorsement. Bonus: it plays cheerful tunes.
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LG front loader here, no regrets whatsoever after a couple years with it.
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I have an LG front loader. It's five years old now and it's still the BEST. It gets my clothes so spectacularly clean. Before getting it set up in my new apartment recently, I used the random washer in the basement and remembered what a bad washer feels like - clothes were left super wet, still gross, and the washer had used like four times the amount of water. I wash my bedding often, which means bulky blankets and duvets, and the LG handles them like a champ. Lots of versatility in wash cycles/rinse numbers/delayed starts/spin settings....it really can do everything. And yes, the proudest, happiest song when it finishes! I sing it to myself sometimes when I complete something.
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I also recently purchased an LG washer Dryer combo loosely based on the wirecutter recs. We actually stepped up a level and also added the pedestal washer- which I LOVE. I like the washer a lot, but I find that unless I hit the ‘more dry’ button, the dryer leaves my clothes quite damp (Here in FL too damp equals mold). The wash cycles are much shorter than my old front loader, but seem to get the clothes just as clean.

The pedestal washer is great but it does have drawbacks- doesn’t do a hot water cycle and there’s no detergent/softener dispenser so you have to be there to add softener when it beeps at you. Also, as far as I can tell, you can’t turn the obnoxious signal off on the pedestal washer as you can on the front loading machines. I use it mainly for loads that don’t require softener like bras, the kids’ sports clothing and their lunch bags/bottle covers.
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For us a Miele was an obvious choice. It has metal that can be fixed and replaced in all the high-stress areas. More expensive but also clearly a better machine. It’s something that we use everyday so the extra expense upfront is worth it.
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Also have an LG frontloader ever so slightly different to the wirecutter one,and it's glorious. The spin dry is phenomenal. Of course, like most front loaders, the cycles are long.
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We got a top loading LG (Model WT1901) about a year ago and it's been great. Loads of options, and the "bulky" cycle works like a champ for not getting off balance. Drying times in our old dryer have definitely decreased.

And yes, the songs are lovely.
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We have an LG toploader, recommended at the time by Consumer Reports. It's very different from what I was used to (very old washer with knobs) but one thing I don't like about it is that it's impossible to wash anything that's waterproof or water-resistant due to tne high spin speed of the drum (it's a high efficiency washer). So I can't wash gortex jackets or my shower curtain in it for ex. Other than that...well it's still taking some getting used to, it's SO automated. Seems to get the clothes clean on average. I'm not as able to customize my wash cycle as I could with the old one because the cycles are automated. It hasn't broken or given us any trouble though.
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Lots of happy LG owners. I'm here to recommend an Electrolux front-loader. I can't tell you the model because I don't see it on the machine or the user manual. On the user manual cover it says 137262400 A (0907) in small print, but without identification. Is that the model . . .dunno, but I love it. My clothes are clean, clean, clean, and the amount of water and detergent I use is minuscule. It washes huge or small loads equally well. It's got an option to customize the cycle if that's important to you, but I'm happy with the ten or so cycles that are pushbutton options. It has a convenient and easy to clean soap/bleach/softener dispenser and is pretty quiet, though it does spin fast to remove as much water as possible for efficient drying. I would not say it was noisy, though.

I've had it for 5 or 6 years and chose it because my old machine was giving me intermittent trouble, had developed a leak from rust, and was maybe 20 years old. I went to Lowe's and asked for the best machine they had that would not have maintenance problems, and this was it. It was expensive, though if I opened a Lowe's credit card they took a big chunk off the price, about $100.00 in my memory.

In the time I've had it, years with heavy use for several of them, I noticed a tiny water leak at the bottom of the door, a few drops snaking down the skirt, and had the gasket replaced (more complicated than it looks and definitely a job for a pro). That was about $150, something that might not have been needed with a top-loader. I'm overall quite happy, though.

Incidentally, my >30 year old dryer is still going strong, just the way my mom said it would. Driers are simple machines without plumbing and last practically forever. So put your money into a good washer and don't waste it on a bells and whistles dryer!
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We got a Speed Queen a year ago, the non-computer panel model, top loader w/agitator spindle. I love it, it’s heavy duty but doesn’t tear up our clothes like the high efficiency we had before did. It also rinses the clothes much better, and our stuff doesn’t feel like it’s been felted like the HE did. It’s a great machine, expensive but we expect it to last forever.
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