Strange movie recall: Severed hands edition
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I'm looking for a movie I saw in the nineties, and can't seem to find the right search terms with google. The villain kidnaps people to cut off their hands in order to give them to his daughter so she can play the piano.

A young woman gets her hands replaced with someone else's. Her new hands are badly stitched on, and her father forces her to play the piano, but since the attached hands don't work so well, the result is kind of horrifying.

The protagonist might have been a woman who is investigating? And in my memory at least, the villain looks like Jeremy Irons, but I can't find anything in his filmography that resembles this weird story.

Does this ring a bell with anyone?
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When the Bough Breaks?
posted by glip at 7:38 PM on February 23, 2018

I saw this as a kid! Early 90s? I saw it on TV. Any chance it was a made-for-TV movie, do you think? (I have also had zero luck googling)
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Thanks, glip! I knew I could recruit someone from AskMe to solve this mystery in short order. I've been stewing about this one for a few weeks. Now I know what terrible movie I will watch this weekend!
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As for Jeremy Irons, perhaps your memory is importing him from Dead Ringers.
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