What color is your Target employees' shirts? Black?
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I couldn't find a sub for what I wanted at the store but I didn't think I looked like I really needed help. A Target employee in black approached me. Do they wear black ever or was this security?

I had already come in contact with two employees stocking shelves, no problem. This employee basically comes up to me and asks if I need anything (oh no, thanks) and tells me she'd be walking around and to flag her down if I do. She was wearing a black Target shirt partially hidden under a dark jacket, khaki pants.

Do they ever wear black shirts or was she security?

If her purpose was to just make contact and be nice, it was odd and definitely a first. She spoke to no one else that I could see and she was nowhere to be seen after that. If it was to make me uncomfortable in case I was stealing, she did but it was due to the uniform that no one else was in and feeling singled out. I go to this Target often. I don't steal but I always look lost when I can't find what's on my list. So, was she security or just an overly nice employee in the 'wrong' color? The thought of it being security approaching me for no reason (to me) makes me not ever want to go there again. I don't want them to think I steal.
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The only Target folks I’ve seen in black are security and the beauty concierge.
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Why not assume it was a bored security guard who just wanted to have an interaction she wasn't going to be hated for?
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I recall some of the tech-specific employees at my local store wear a black shirt.
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The phone/electronic employees in my area wear black.
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I just saw an employee at my local Target a couple of days ago who was wearing a black Target shirt that said TECH in white letters on the back. Which you would not have seen if it was covered with a jacket, of course. Which she might have been wearing temporarily if she's just come back inside from picking up a product delivery or helping to bring in some carts. So I'd guess it was just an employee from the electronics department.
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Yep, my electronics department wears black. I’ve also seen the jackets when they’re coming back from break. Yours sound much more helpful than mine, consider yourself lucky!
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Thanks all! I've never seen our electronics workers wear black but that makes me feel better that workers wear black elsewhere so maybe they do here. The whole thing just felt out of place. My thoughts went straight to security because the last time I remember a Target worker in black, they were trying to apprehend someone who may have been stealing in the store so even though it's been years, my brain went there and I had to ask.
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Target security uniform.
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The moment you step into the electronics zone of a Target, a black-shirted Tech employee will materialize in front of you and ask if you need anything. It's wired into the building or something and it happens within seconds.

I think it's a general directive from Target to do this now. I was there one Saturday and every. single. employee. that I made eye contact with broke into an identical "hi! how are you today?! Finding everything ok?" spiel. There must have been a memo from corporate.
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I was at Target this morning and saw an employee stocking the nail polish section and she was wearing a black shirt.
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