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I noticed that a company called Dragify was offering website building and lifetime hosting for $50. The company is unknown to me and I'm unable to recover any opinions about it. It does sound too good to be true but for a freelance writer it is very tempting. Does the company and the deal pass muster with the green? Thank you
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Is domain name registration part of the deal? Careful with that. I signed up years ago for a combined host and domain name service and cannot switch my domain name to another service. They just won't respond to emails and there's no phone number. So I have to keep paying them every year. Maybe that's the scam with Dragify.
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I think the short answer is “Too good to be true.”

Dragify's pricing page lists $59.99 per year, and $299 lifetime, just for access to their templates so you can build your own site. No domain registration or hosting included in that, it appears.
Then they have another page (that for some reason lives in the Shopping Cart section) which lists other price points. There you can click the tabs on the left side to see costs for building, hosting, email, etc. They do have a lifetime hosting package for $47. Perhaps that what you heard about?

Regardless, I would take the fact that their own site is kind of hard to navigate as a bad sign.
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"Lifetime" anything is typically a huge red flag. As soon as they have your money, you immediately become a cost center.
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You get what you pay for. It's probably ok for a minimal site that doesn't need a lot and isn't critical if it goes down for a while. Keep in mind that the $50 for life is the life of the company, not as long as you want to keep the site online. If they fold in a year, you'll have overpaid. If it lasts for three days years, you're not doing too badly, as long as it mostly works. As it happens, portions of their site are down for me right now.

If you use their software to design your site, it looks like there's a small yearly fee after the first year.
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Oh, hey, thanks I think I have it now.

Thank You
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