Can you ID some contemporary art?
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I'm trying to remember the names of two art pieces: 1. a video piece involving young men playing an absurd fictional sport; and 2. a very recent piece about the sexualized relationships people have with their phones.

1. The video piece involved a group of young men enthusiastically playing a fictional and seemingly pointless sport (something like basketball) that they could never win. The video looked very 80s (but might have been made more recently). The men were wearing colorful Tron-like uniforms and played in a room with black walls. I saw this piece at the Minneapolis Institute of Art in 2016.

2. Not sure if this was sculpture or something else, but an artist made a series of smartphones with features resembling genitals (pubic hair, etc.). The piece was related to the sexualized relationships of touching and gazing that people have with their phones. I saw a blog post about this in 2017.

Both the artists were women, as I recall.
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I’m unsure if this was in Minneapolis, but #1 reminded me of Ericka Beckman’s You the Better.
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