Tell me about a Master's in Technology Management
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I can Google things, but I like to hear what people have to say. So... tell me about the Master's in Technology Management degree. Who is the target market/typical student? What kind of jobs does this line a person up to pursue? Does it improve job prospects, etc.? Did you get this degree? Know anyone who did? Tell me about it.

I'm a mid-career sales professional, if it matters. The company I work with is more or less a tech company. I'm thinking of things I might do to keep moving up within this company or to open myself up to jobs elsewhere.
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I know one person with this degree who is a manager in the tech in the industry, but he went to Harvard.

Engineering grad schools generally barely break even since so many grad students pay nothing, so they really like to have these professional master's programs where they can teach easier versions of the same classes but charge full tuition. That doesn't mean the programs are very good though. Usually the professors are from mechanical engineering, aerospace engineering, applied math, etc. which aren't that relevant to software.
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