Current best, cheap web hosts?
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My current web host has jacked their prices through the roof. Where to go now?

My current host (asmallorange) has jacked the price for their tiniest hosting plan from $25/year to $62/year. So, the question now is, where do I move to? Who offers reliable, basic, and cheap hosting these days?

Caveat: My site is straight-up simple html and css, and I have no interest in migrating to Wordpress, Squarespace, or other such solutions.


fwiw, my site is barely more than a placeholder. It's basically a short version of my portfolio. So, no fancy bells and whistles needed beyond, probably, adding SSL because Google.
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Best answer:

It's not fancy, but it is cheap.

I'm moving my stuff over there soon.
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Best answer: I used Nearlyfreespeech as recently as 1 year ago and it's scalability based on use is pretty ideal for hardly-used sites.
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Best answer: I've been hosted on Nearlyfreespeech for years, get almost no traffic as it's just for my stuff, and have had to pay almost nothing (maybe $10 so long ago that I've forgotten).
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Best answer: Here to pile on with, they are great.
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Best answer: Fifthed. They also restructured their pricing recently, but that's just turned out to mean I'm paying them a pittance now instead of nearly nothing.
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Response by poster: Thanks all! NFS sounds like the winner.
Not to threadsit, but, it raises another question...Does NFS utilize something like C-Panel or some other admin tool?
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Best answer: They have a web interface for doing account admin stuff. For keeping my actual site content up to date, they give you proper ssh access so I just use that and scp/sftp. If you're on Windows, WinSCP should work fine.
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Best answer: I also use NFS for various low-traffic things and it is cheap and easy to use.
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I use nearlyfreespeech for hosting a static website and they have a way to use letsencrypt to have https setup. ssh/scp/sftp probably required
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