I need new ideas and different angles to website promotion.
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I need new ideas and different angles to website promotion, and since I don't have two nickles to rub together, it's gotta be free. Help me Obi-Wan-Kenobi, you're my only hope!

Maybe I'm still in the dark ages. Maybe I'm still stuck inside Web 1.0 when Web 2.0 is just outside my (browser) window, but I think my methods of website promotion are pretty old world. Done the search engine/directory/meta tag thing, done the reciprocal link thing, done the lame alt.website.announce thing and I have sizable and relevant content. Is there any free, effective and ethical ways of promoting a website online? Or maybe good discussion forums to discuss innovative marketing and promtion techniques?
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Here's one place to start.
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Best answer: let's try to work with ye olde read-write web 2.0:

1) try to find blogs that have to do with your site, ask if they'll take a look at it and maybe mention it/link it in a post. you might have to be very tactful with this one.

2) tag it on del.icio.us with applicable tags - i've gotten trickles of traffic that way. there's a lot more sites like that, too, except i don't exactly know what they are.

3) dragonboy is way on target with mefi projects
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Webmasterworld.com members have written volumes on this sort of thing.
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Better link.
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