Live cover of “Another Brick in the Wall”
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Can you help me find a vaguely remembered live cover of Pink Floyd’s “Another Brick in the Wall” I heard on the radio, possibly from the 1990s?

I think I heard, on an alternative rock radio station in the (mid to late) 1990s, a live concert rock recording where some band (I believe it was not actually Pink Floyd, e.g., not from Pulse) did a cover of Another Brick in the Wall, Pt. 3. My memory is of the crowd cheering when the singer began “We don’t need no education”, and I think it may have actually been preceded not by the preceding parts from The Wall but by something else (maybe the covering artist’s own material and/or an extended groove), so that it was a surprise when they went into the Floyd cover. I’ve always imagined it was some jam band but I actually have no idea. I think it was a pretty spare arrangment, with no actual choir. Any thoughts about what this might have been? Thanks!
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Guns & Roses and Alice In Chains have covers that might be from that time period.
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roger waters the wall live in berlin
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Could it have been a live version of Korn’s Cover? There are a bunch on YouTube, and it’s the first one that comes to mind where Part 3 is included.
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Oops link for Korn covers.
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Thanks! Watching videos on a YouTube it seems like Korn is the most likely, although I remember just the quiet parts, not the loud parts. I haven’t come across any videos of them from the 90s yet, though.
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