Help me translate a German doctor's bill from 1962
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As the title implies, can you help me read/translate this doctor's bill from 1962. Here is an image of the bill. Thanks in advance.

I have a box of travel brochures, notes and receipts from the 1950s and 60s of a William Moellering. I've now spent several months trying to recreate his life from the contents of the box-and it turns out he had a very interesting life. What I know about this document is that William was on a ski vacation in Saas-Fee in Switzerland in March of 1962 and apparently got sick.
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Top line just says "Consultation"

I think the bottom line may be some kind of suppository.
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Oh and the second line is "Halstabletten," which I believe is basically "throat lozenges"
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Yeah, the bottom line is "amygdorectol supp[ositoire]", which is a suppository treatment for inflamed throat (!!!).

Safe to conclude that this guy had some kind of throat issues.
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And I think the 3d line is "Alcacyl comp[osition]" (=aspirin plus caffeine)
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Praemunire, thank you so much! I figured out the alcacyl line (thanks to my daughter, a 4x loupe and Google Translate), but the rest was completely inscrutable to me.

Mapping this guy's life from a box of documents has been fun (and, honestly, a little voyueristic). I feel bad that he was sick on his ski vacation, but he took a bunch more in the 1950s and 60s.

Again, thanks
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Doing history is fun, you get to be all up in someone else's business without them getting mad at you.
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Looks like the mystery‘s been solved. I just want to add that „Dr. med. P. Supersaxo“ is a...really odd name for a German.
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...but apparently a good Swiss surname. Which makes sense in Wallis.
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It is curious that the "consultation" is written with a "c"--very old-fashioned choice of word and spelling.

Last two lines are:
"dankend erhalten" (means roughly thanks for the payment)
and the name ot the secretary (or similar) which appears to be Gassmann.
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Pretty much everything is covered above. The pre-printed "für ärtzliche Behandlung" is "for treatment by a physician". "dankend erhalten" is literally "Received with thanks" and is obviously in reference to the bill of 19.30 CHF.

Incidentally, according to this handy link, that amount is equivalent to US-$4.45 back then, or about US-$36.72 today when adjusted for inflation.

Also, the Swiss tend to spell out Umlaute, so it's possible that your German spelled his name Möllering. In which case, there is a Wilhelm Möllering who has been working at a company in Diepholz, Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony), Germany, since 1976. Might be the same guy (or maybe your guy's son). That town is where my mom was born... small world

Ninja Edit: It occurs to me that nothing says this guy was German except that he skied in the Swiss Alps.... and you said William, not Wilhelm... so yeah....
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