Best non-Olympic source for figure skating news and commentary?
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Here in the States NBCSN (a cable sports channel owned by the broadcaster that has the rights for the Olympics here) has been running a temporary daily program called "Olympic Ice". It's an hour long show on the previous night's events, and what's upcoming, with commentary and analysis from former skaters, and interviews with current skaters, coaches, etc. It's a ton of fun, and I would love a concise but engaging skating news source like this in the regular season too. Do you have recommendations for one?

Anything's good: podcasts, streaming shows, something buried deep in US basic cable, a good magazine, etc. I've googled, but I don't know what's wheat and what's chaff, so am looking for some recs before I dive in. If it adds options: we're close enough to the Canadian border that we have a CBC affiliate in our local channels, but not CTV or anything else from Canada OTA or on cable.
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The Skating Lesson (interviews and commentary on Facebook)

Ice Talk (podcast co-hosted by Jackie Wong of Rocker Skating)

Golden Skate (news articles and forums)
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It's generally not about figure skating, but Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir have a regular podcast that does touch on skating news and stories and is usually pretty fun.
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