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I have a whopping 205 virtual assistance tasks on Fancy Hands to use (think 20 mins x each on a computer or phone service) but I am struggling to come up with ideas to use them.

Especially in a month - it's a recurring service and I'm clearly not using it. What would you use these for?

Inspirational details: 30ish F, live in London UK, grad student, have a dog, vegetarian... I'm starting to look into making a documentary, also.
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How about using your credits to call subscription services asking to reduce the rate?
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Maybe you could have them organize your computer files, if they aren't already organized? What about having them refresh your CV if it needs it?

How about using your credits to call subscription services asking to reduce the rate?

I don't think this would be useful. There are LOADS of free services that negotiate subscriptions for you, such as Hiatus. Don't waste your Fancy Hands tasks on something that you can get for free elsewhere.

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Meal planning? Find you some interesting veggie recipes, order the ingredients from Ocado or similar?
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Research local film screenings/festivals and book you x every week for the next x weeks?
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Computer files in particular: clean your contacts database, get rid of duplicate photos.
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Check the new business licenses for your community (it's usually printed in the paper on a weekly basis), identify the new restaurants, and provide you with the links to the menus for new places with good vegetarian options. I'm always the last to know about new restaurants, and it would be nice if someone just dropped the menu URLs (for the kinds of food I might like) right in my lap.
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