Looking for quality online retailers that is not Amazon
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I live in Asia and often see products on Amazon that would be difficult or expensive to buy in Asia but I would prefer not to give my money to Amazon. Reasonable international shipping a plus.

I am interested in a wide variety of items such as food, supplements, toiletries, aromatherapy supplies, electronics etc. As long as the retailer is reliable and offers quality products, I am prepared to use a reshipper if necessary. Recommendations for say, just one category of products like aromatherapy supplies welcome. I am a regular iherb customer but their selection of products is much smaller than Amazon and pretty much focused on vitamins.
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Best answer: IHerb is my go to in Hong Kong and I buy many many things there— I wonder if they don’t have full range where you are? Many people here also order from Next. Electronics are really challenging to order from abroad in most places in Asia, because of local regulations. Borderfree is good for retailers who offer clothes and cosmetics.
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Response by poster: frumiousb: Is this the Next you are referring to? Thank you and I will check out the other sites mentioned.
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Best answer: I use strawberrynet for discounted toiletries and cosmetics, and qoo10, lazada and fishpond for all kinds of miscellany. Many US retailers like Macy's, Nordstrom and Bed Bath & Beyond also ship worldwide (for a fee, or minimum order).
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Response by poster: Thank you hellopanda. I keep seeing strawberrynet ads for perfume online but was kind of afraid to order due to authenticity issues. Have you had any problems with their products?
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Best answer: So far so good with the skincare and cosmetics. They have a massive range though, so I can't be certain whether there are problems with some products or brands.
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