Can a teen have Paypal if she has a bank account?
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My 13 year old has a bank account that she has had since she was five. It's connected to my husband's and my bank account, showing that she is a minor and that we could get into it if we wanted because she is 13, but her name is on the account. So with that account, can't she have Paypal? She is getting into modeling and they want to pay her through Paypal, but I would like it to be under her own personal paypal just so that it is separate from My paypal. I heard that you have to be over eighteen to have Paypal. She does not have a credit card, but she does have the bank account with her name on it, so that could be how she is verified through the Paypal. Thanks in advance!
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She could probably open the account, but she would have to lie about her age and she would be in violation of the terms of service. Which means it could get shut down at any time. Here's what PayPal has to say about it.

You could open a new PayPal account for her use that is attached to her bank account. That's probably your best bet.
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Verification after a certain dollar amount is by credit and other publicly available info; for me they verified my identity by looking up my property deed so I could accept my first $1000 payment.

Teen PayPal may be the way to go.
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User Agreement for PayPal

Section 1.2, which says no. Users must be 18 or older.
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FYI, Teen PayPal is gone.
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This is what happens when you stop reading investor reports ....

Okay. So LLC or incorporate for income (ask your tax al law profs in your jurisdiction) and open a paypal that way. That’s how I’m doing it if my kid starts pursuing acting and modeling more aggressively.

Can’t see why they can’t send a check. I only take pp from one client who forgets to pay me otherwise v
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Paying someone for modeling via PayPal seems questionable. You want to make sure that she is paid for her work legally for everyone's protection. There are strict requirements for children working for a reason.
You probably also want an employment lawyer looking at the contract. You will want to know what is being done with those photos. (Especially with a teenage girl. What if the photos were used for something you and your family don't agree with?)
My child modeled (for a clothing company his dad worked for) and was paid with a specific tax form (which we counted as income for him on our taxes) and had a very long and detailed contract for exactly what he would do and what would happen with the photos. This was for literally 5 minutes of work.
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I know this isn't what you're asking, but a young teen modelling for Paypal payments sure raises a lot of red flags.
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I work in the photo industry (was on a child casting today actually) and it is certainly not common practice to pay anyone with Paypal, especially models, who generally all have agencies that handle the contracts/payroll/insurance/etc. Even actual freelancers are getting W-2'ed for even single day shoots because of increased enforcement in the industry. So paying a minor directly via Paypal sounds pretty sketchy to me.

If you're not aware, there are usually pretty strict laws about when and how and if a minor can work as a model. It varies by state but in mine ALL minors must obtain a 'entertainment work permit' even if they are otherwise eligible to work, and so does anyone who hires them. This includes noncommercial/amateur modeling, it doesn't matter if it's for fun or not. There are strict laws about how long they can work, and we are often required to hire set teachers as advocates for them among other things. Not really a "show up and I'll paypal you" kind of situation.

Anyways, to answer your question, I had a Paypal account when I was a minor and ran a small business through it. That was quite a while ago but there was no age verification and I certainly didn't care to look up the rules then, and I still have that Paypal account today. Paypal isn't a bank.
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