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I'm looking for still photos or clips from movies or TV that show a man or men tied up in a non-sexual context and - crucially - they are afraid. That is, no angry/stoic/brave James Bond types. I don't care if they're later killed but I'd prefer the image not show the actual torture/murder. Ideal examples. Bad examples. ABSOLUTELY NO WOMEN OR CHILDREN.

I don't care why they're tied up. I'd prefer good guys though they need not be protagonists. Prefer clothed, but that's the least important criteria. I don't care about actually watching the movie or show so it's not necessary for the whole thing to be available online.

I've found this impossible to google but if you have any search terms those would be helpful too. "Interrogation" etc mostly brings up women for me, "bondage" etc brings up porn, which I don't want.
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There’s the cop in Reservoir Dogs. Of course, things go southern for him pretty quick.
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There's the "Stuck in the Middle With You" scene in Reservoir Dogs and of course The Gimp scene in Pulp Fiction which uses bondage gear and (tw) involves m/m rape. Jesus, Tarantino is a suck fucker.
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Alex DeLarge in A Clockwork Orange is restrained, with his eyelids held open, as he realizes he's being brainwashed.
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You might google images of "hostage tied up."
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It's right there on the poster for Get Out.
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In Lucifer Season 1 Episode 11, There are a few scenes of Detective Daniel Espinoza being held hostage and he is tied up against a pole. I remember him being actually scared, but couldn't quickly google an image online, but you can check out the episode and see for yourself if it fits.

only image I could find
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The Indiana Jones series always seems to eschew stoicism for more natural reactions. Coming to mind are the ending from Raiders (though Indy is with Marion there) and the fire scene in The Last Crusade.
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I don't think it's an ideal example because he wasn't as afraid as Saul in those images you linked, but Dodd Gerhardt in Fargo Season 2 was pretty scared of Kristen Dunst's character because she was craaaaaazy.
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In Veronica Mars, Season 2, Episode 17 (Plan B), a character is restrained in a building that is going to implode. I don't remember exactly how the character was restrained, but I do believe that he is visibly afraid.
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Boyfriend from the first scene (the Drew Barrymore scene) in Scream is tied up in a chair outside the house.
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Also, Criminal Minds. In an early season, the character played by Matthew Gubler is held captive (James Van der Beek played the villain in those episodes). In Season 11, the character played by Shemar Moore is held captive. Actually, Criminal Minds may be a good show generally for you to look at. There are victims, often tied up or otherwise restrained, in every episode and typically showing fear. These are most often women/children, but sometimes men. You could probably scan the episode descriptions to narrow down which episodes might have male victims.
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One more idea - Misery. The torture is shown as well, but I think there may be screenshots that show the fear alone.
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Spartacus, Die Hard with a Vengence, X-Men Origins, Ben-Hur, The Wolverine
Use the term “men tied up in Movie” and dozens of Images appear.
There’s even a blog.
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Netflix's The Ritual has a scene like this near the end. I imagine a lot of horror movies have this, especially ones where the trope is "outsider protagonists captured by scary locals". Like I haven't watched The Green Inferno but I'd bet you ten bucks it has a scene like this.

The new BSG (2003) also seems fond of this. Episode 3x13 ("Taking a Break from All Your Worries") for sure, 3x7 ("A Measure of Salvation") I think, and maybe (I can't recall) 1x8 ("Flesh and Bone").
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Someone suggested Dexter, which is probably a gold mine though I couldn't find an image quickly. Also 24, which is exactly what I'm looking for.
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Not sure either of these count as tied up and afraid the way you intended, but John Cleese in A Fish Called Wanda... and John Cleese in A Fish called Wanda.
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Chandler from 'Friends" was handcuffed to a file cabinet in an episode...
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There's a scene near the end of John Carpenter's The Thing where the Keith David character is tied to a chair and freaking out.
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There's a few of these in the Netflix series Altered Carbon, (episode "Force of Evil") In the story, it's virtual, so the antagonist gets to repeatedly kill the protagonist.

This is for a project about how there's too much torture on TV, yes? And how torture is both evil and ineffective?
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If you Google Breaking Bad tied up, there are a number of pictures along those lines.
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Oops... I just clicked on your good example link and I see that you are way ahead of me.
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Leverage - Season 1, Episode 4, "The Miracle Job," shows Elliot with a flashback to a time where he was tied to a chair, and a gun pressed to his head. He's stoic (ish? He's sweating.) until the trigger is pulled, but then flinches and looks afraid.

Lethal Weapon 2 has the famous toilet bomb scene - the hero isn't tied up, but he can't move.

Also, the movie Misery may have the kind of scenes you're looking for, but I'm not going to re-watch it to find out.
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I'm looking for still photos or clips from movies or TV that show a man or men tied up in a non-sexual context and - crucially - they are afraid.

If you can pull the stills out of this scene from The Thing, there's some pretty good shots from about 1:27-1:28 and 1:32-1:33 of three guys tied up and seriously afraid.
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Came here to say The Thing as well.

Here is an episode of Burn Notice where two men are tied to chairs. It starts at 24:20.
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I've found quite a bit of material and compiled it, memail if you want more info.
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