Can I eat it: quiche?
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How long can I keep a homemade (vegetarian, if it matters) quiche in the refrigerator? Never frozen, but left out at room temp for about an hour after baking. Baked in kind of a deep dish—a substantial amount of quiche per slice.

It almost—almost—seems like the perfect make-ahead meal for a busy week, but I don’t want to wind up on Friday morning with a bunch of stinky egg.
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I've eaten quiche that has been refrigerated 4-5 days. At the end, it was starting to look a little dried out and shrank away from the crust (I should have covered it with foil or plastic wrap) but tasted ok.
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I have done this with no problems, but yes, you'll need to cover it, and some veg will tend to seep (pumpkin springs to mind) which is fine, but it will make the pastry soft, and look weird. There's nothing as awesome as a slice of bacon and onion quiche for breakfast!
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I do this for my lunches all the time - it is frequently out to cool for about an hour before I refrigerate it, and then I just cover it in wrap and cut slices for lunch throughout the week with no issues.
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Most people leave food to cool before refrigerating. Not really necessary, unless your refrigerator is really crowded, but that's what people do.

Three or four days is fine for a quiche. You could always reheat it if the pastry starts to get soft.
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Nthing ‘totally fine and reasonable’.

This is exactly the use case that pie was invented for, even prior to refrigeration.
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You could also make a second set of quiche filling and put it in a ziploc bag in the freezer next to a pie crust. Then, Wednesday morning, you put the bag in the refrigerator, and Wednesday night, you dump it into the pie crust and bake it for an hour.

BAM! New quiche! But yeah, I would eat quiche after 5 days.
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I have done exactly what you plan to do (with sausage in the quiche, too) many times and it was fine. The crust will never be as good as when you first make it, but as long as you cover it in the fridge, you should have tasty quiche for around a week.
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I routinely go six days with cooked egg type items. I always get a little weird feeling by Friday, like ehhhh, but I've never had anything obviously bad happen.

I do recommend adding a couple tablespoons of (any kind of) flour or 1ish tablespoon of ground flax seed to your egg mixture, which will help keep it from doing that watery thing egg pies tend to do after a few days. I originally started doing this because it keeps it stable through freezing and thawing, which is also what you could do with several portions if it's really squicking you out to eat food that old by Friday.

I don't use crust, but there's nothing about crust that's inherently more food-spoily than egg, if refrigerated.
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Should be fine. But you can also make the quiche, leave half in the fridge, cut the other half into pieces, and freeze individual servings. Quiche reheats from frozen extremely well and you can pop a few pieces into the fridge on Wednesday night to be ready for Thursday/Friday.
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