Great coworking in Seattle?
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I'm looking for a great coworking space in Seattle, preferably South or West Seattle, or Capitol Hill. Ideally dog-friendly and nonprofit-friendly (ie, not a tech-bro hangout).

I'm a freelancer looking for someplace besides my apartment to work once or twice a week.

There are a lot of options in Seattle so I'd like some personal recs. My must-haves:

- South Seattle, West Seattle, or Capitol Hill. (The Impact Hub seems awesome, but I hate commuting downtown)
- Easy-ish parking (so, like, not in Pike-Pine)
- Reasonably priced (I'm willing to spend around $150/month to be able to go 1-2x/week)
- Friendly and sociable but not a bro-party scene (this comment scared me a bit).

- A decent number of non-profit/social enterprise clients (most of my work is with nonprofits)
- Dog-friendly (for a well-socialized dog who's used to snoozing in offices)
- Near restaurants/coffeeshops, etc.

I've thought about renting office space from a local nonprofit but I don't want to make a commitment since my business is really new.

I've looked into the Hillman City Collaboratory which is down the street from me, but I'm a little nervous about the religious aspect. Would love to hear if any mefites have experience there.
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The Hillman City Collab sounds perfect for you, although I don't know if dogs are allowed.

For completeness, The Riveter is decidedly not a tech-bro hangout, but the Capitol Hill location is on Pike-Pine, and the one in Fremont is probably a little far away from you.

(edit: doh, I see you've already looked at Hillman City)
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I drive past West Seattle Coworking pretty frequently and have a couple of acquaintances who have used it. You'd have to park on the street but that probably wouldn't be too bad during the work day.
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A buddy of mine recommends West Seattle Co-working as well. He says it's "casual and friendly and cheaper than most".
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