Insurance and laser/electro hair removal.
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I need help finding hair removal clinics that offer direct ACA or WA insurance billing.

I'm seeking any information or leads about hair removal clinics in the Seattle area that accept insurance and direct billing. I'm running into a lot of dead ends just trying to cold call salons/clincs, not to mention some occasional griefing.

I'm also interested in learning more in general about direct billing and ACA or WA state Medicaid.

Officially I think WA State's Medicaid does not cover hair removal for trans patients, but my hospital caseworker tells me this might not actually be true because it's now supposed to be covered by ACA, and that direct billing (out of network?) is an option.
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Try a dermatologist's office, as many of them offer laser hair removal in addition to all the other procedures.
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Yes, a dermatologist is a good suggestion, since they are able to bill health insurance with the appropriate ICD-10 code, which is generally the key to insurance reimbursement. A dermatologist suggested by your trans physician might be helpful in making referral suggestions. Many derms also have aestheticians as a part of their practice who do laser removal.
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my hospital caseworker tells me this might not actually be true because it's now supposed to be covered by ACA

Nope, not anymore. States and insurance companies can give a big Fuck You to trans healthcare.
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Sorry that wasn't very encouraging. I know of a Facebook group that provides information specifically about Medicaid for trans people and you would have a better shot at a definitive answer there. You can memail me for the name of it. Reddit may also be helpful but I'm not sure of the best-moderated equivalent of r/ftm that exists for AMAB folks. r/AskTransgender tends to be a lot of "my daughter just came out to me, what do I do" questions.
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Response by poster: No, it's cool. I'm patient and pretty content to have an awesome doc and to have what I do have.
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