Best non-US alternative/indie radio stations available on TuneIn
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I've been listening to a lot of cool interesting alternative US radio stations on Alexa via TuneIn (WFMU, KXLU etc.) Having been introduced to the amazing Fip, I'm interested in exploring indie/alternative/ecletic non-English language DJ-ed music stations outside the US (all music genres welcomed). Any suggestions for great ones to try?
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Studio Brussel from Belgium.
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Flux-fm from Germany. Especially good is the program ‘Horspiel’ which is bands playing songs they like. Otherwise it is pretty normal ‘rock’ with a dose of German rock mixed in.
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Triple J from Australia is consistently excellent for new indie/alternative/eclectic music.
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Radio Garden should keep you busy for a while. Just move the globe to find another station. Sometime it takes a few minutes to zero in to a particular station.
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