What is happening with these Twitter posts?
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A currently-running car commercial leads to a previously-unknown Twitter meme.

A commercial that has been running since at least January mangles a well-known song from the 60s by having the singer in the background: "One is the onliest number…" So I thought that I would see where this nonword may have been used online. I may be sorry I did.

Searching Twitter for "onliest" comes up with these tweets:

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Bangladesh, representing the outflank shopping destinationsВ You considering Bangladesh was onliest renowned championing its amicability and aliment? Inaccurate examination! Thither are so indefinite over-the-counter article that this family adventure vacations b...

Amen, the rumors are equitable, I testament be invitee redaction this blue alibi representing an on-line bop mag representing a solid workweek. The onliest intellect I united to achieve this is to corroborate to R$N’s sufferer colored sasquatch Wil Troup I buoy e...

Each has a similar pattern. It includes familiar words in a nonsensical sentence structure. Each ends in an ellipsis following a single letter or number. No link to any web page or user is included.
Clicking on the Twitter @names leads in each case to many more in the same vein, although some of those posts do have links, mostly to news sites, it appears.

What could be the purpose of these postings? Are they put up by the Russians?
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That sure looks like machine-generated text, at least.
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I read an article many, many years ago with a title something like, "Weird twitter is espionage twitter." Probably still holds up.
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Those look just like blog comment spam that I'm constantly moderating. It must have to do with searching. The unique words and word combinations.
posted by humboldt32 at 1:27 PM on February 17, 2018

I always (perhaps naively) assumed weird text strings like this were part of some bot-driven clickfarm type ad site that uses SEO algorithms to generate increased click-thru rates and ad placement numbers. I also figured some of these never got turned off or updated when the algorithm changed, and are still spewing out nonsense that may or may not be generating ad revenue for someone somewhere.

When faced with a mystery, my first instinct is to ask “where’s the money?” (Thanks, Discworld)
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I’m pretty sure the lyric is the “loneliest number.”
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Miko, that is the way in which the commercial mangles the song.
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Oh, I see . Sorry to misunderstand.
posted by Miko at 12:33 PM on February 18, 2018

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