Hotels in South Beach?
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Where should my Mom and I stay in South Beach in March?

My mother and I are taking a road trip to South Beach in March. We'd like to stay near the beach, not spend a ton (although I realize we will have to shell out some and I'm willing to spend more for a nice place- I just might not tell my cheap mother the full price), and be near lots of fun restaurants, shops, etc. Any specific recommendations? (Warnings are also welcomed.)
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The Roney Palace. It's on Collins and 21, and it's super fantastic on the inside, and has private access to the beach, and is a comfortable walk down to the sound and glitz of South Beach. I loved my time there!
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It's probably too expensive, but my brother-in-law used to run the Sagamore and it's really, really sweet.
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sometimes the Raleigh has good prices. it's a great place
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I love the Savoy.
It's off the crazy Ocean Drive yet beachfront. Quiet and classy and not too expensive. Perfect.

I've stayed there many times and the picture I took from my room is still on my desktop.

Check out their website, google savoy miami.
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Places south of 5th and north of 19th are going to be quieter, depending on whether you want to sleep well vs. be in the middle of the nighttime action. South Beach is very, very loud at nighttime, especially on the weekends.

My boyfriend stayed at the Waldorf once (no affiliation with Waldorf Astoria) - good prices (about $100/night), great location (860 Ocean). Rooms were small but comfortable. It's right across from the awesome public beach.
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It's almost assuredly out of your price range, but I'd recommend at least taking a walk through the lobby and grounds of the Delano. It's beautiful.

I like the Indian Creek Hotel. It's reasonably priced, and even though it's technically in the midbeach area, it's not far at all from South Beach proper (it's on 27th St or so, and the Lincoln Road strip is basically 16th Street).
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Don't stay in the Catalina, it is too noisy.
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Response by poster: Follow-up: I didn't pick any of the places you mentioned (some were unavailable, some were too expensive), but all of your answers helped me get a better idea of general South Beach area, and I appreciate all your help! My Mother and I will be living it up at The Kent Hotel - so if it's bad, please don't tell me :-)
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Response by poster: Post-trip: The Kent was awesome, I highly reccommend it.
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