Japanese Arcades Currently Having The 'Table Flipping' Game?
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Are there any arcades in Nagano, Hiroshima, or Osaka that currently have the table flipping game (Cho Chabudai Gaeshi! or Cho Chabudai Gaeshi! 2)?
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I'm interested in this too, with the addition of Tokyo as a location... I've been to arcades from Tokyo to Kagoshima and never run into this in the wild.

I can say that the arcade in the Hiroshima Don Quijote is pretty awesome and seems to have the cheapest Taiko drum machines.
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I just finished up a trip through Japan and the only place I found the table flipping game was the CocoWalk Mall in Nagasaki. No luck in Tokyo (although obviously I didn't check *every* arcade) or in Osaka (which has a great cluster of arcades near Umeda Station including some very smoky old-school one-room arcades in the basement passages).

The CocoWalk mall is a SEGA arcade so at least it shows the machine isn't restricted to Taito arcades. If you do find this anywhere please let me know!
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