Best Canadian baby registry?
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Given that Toys'R'Us seems to be going bankrupt, what are good places for a Canadian couple to set up their baby registry?

The couple lives in downtown Toronto.

One benefit of Toys'R'Us was that gift cards & returned items from the baby shower became a sort of debit account lasting a couple of years, allowing for quick, easy purchases of gear, consumables, even holiday and birthday party gifts.... so that kind of easy flexibility would be great.

Brick-and-mortar shops are probably preferable to online, since returning items would be annoying with shipping.
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I would suggest a subscription to Amazon Prime Family, which includes shipping. They can just return most items at the local post office outlet, which surely isn't far if they live downtown. It's my go-to gift for new parents and I use it extensively for my own family, because we have multiple barriers to getting out into the community with ease.
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Maybe Snuggle Bugz?

They have both B&M and online stores.
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For non-chain stores, there are Macklem's on Roncesvalles and Marlene's Just Babies on Dupont at Christie. Otherwise, I'd agree with jenny76 and go with Snuggle Bugz.
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I think if you mean "people across the country can go to a store and look and pick and get that thing sent exactly to a store local to the parents" the best choice left is probably The Bay. Downside: gear and clothes and basic toys only, no comestibles. Up side: If the parents want to cash it in for coffee pots they can.

BlogTO's list of baby stores might be old (and so am I) but I see my two favs on there. Macklem's is one.
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Buy Buy Baby? It's the same company as Bed Bath and Beyond. I've never bought anything there but intend to, as I'm pregnant in Canada as well, and I'm hoping I can use the 20% off coupons there...
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