A more chill version of CandyCrush
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Are there match-3 style games like CandyCrush that have a more chill, minimalistic vibe?

I really don't care about and am annoyed by: narrative/storyline, earning & spending currency, leaderboards, being constantly interrupted, constant introduction of new game play elements (match 4 and this happens! Do this and this happens! Try this to make this third thing happen! And now here's a new thing to pay attention to!)
Happy to pay whatever they want up front to leave me alone after that. I just want to match 3.
For ios.
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Bejeweled is just match 3, and I haven't noticed any of those annoyances you mentioned.
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Bejeweled is the thing I return to again and again, nothing can touch it. I personally like the Butterflies variation in the Classic app.
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Response by poster: Just to head that off it's not just those things that I don't like, I'm also looking for a chill minimalistic vibe and Bejeweled is not that.
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Best answer: Two Dots. If you're not into the narrative, original Dots is fun.
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Two Dots for sure.
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Another vote for Two Dots.
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May I suggest a game I think you’d like that isn’t strictly match 3? Threes is a very elegant and minimalistic game in which you merge matching numbered tiles together on a grid to try to reach the highest possible number. It’s both simple and deep. It’s also has lots of personality and a fantastic soundtrack.
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I really like Triple Town for a chill match 3 game.
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I love match 3 games and Triple Town is not strictly match 3 but it's got a similar matchy vibe and I really like it. It is chill except for the damn ninja bears. DAMN YOU NINJA BEARS! (I think you can disable the ninjas)
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You can indeed disable the ninjas.
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I like Snood.
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Avocadolite Farm Hustle
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Two Dots!!
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