Looking for a print shop that will do lenticular CDs in a run of 100
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I'd like to have a small run of CD's made with lenticular cover art, can you recommend any print shops?

For those unfamiliar with lenticular prints, they look like this:

These are for a special event coming up in about two months. My band has a new CD ready to go with animated artwork and I'd like to print a batch of 100 discs with lenticular covers as party favors. So far all of the places I've found have a minimum quantity of 500 at a price just over $3 USD per disc. My budget is $500 USD.

Ideally I'd like to find a place that will print and shrink wrap the CD's in their entirety, but I'm also good with having lenticular inserts printed on their own and manually stuffing them into jewel cases. For the latter I'll probably use Kunaki.
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Best answer: You probably won't be able to get a small quantity at a reasonable price. You may be able to DIY it, as Vuethru sells lenticular supplies and has free software to make the print.
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Best answer: Contact the MeFites who run Gifpop and see what they can do. shashashasha is one. I know Gifpop can print in a size that's just about the right size for a CD booklet, and they may be able to do custom sizing.
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Response by poster: Both great options, thanks!
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