Drinks on Capitol Hill in Seattle tonight
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My friend and I get drinks after work about once a month. We usually stay downtown, or if we go up the hill we go to Linda’s. Help us branch out!

We like to eat a light(ish) dinner and have 1-2 drinks each and just talk for a couple hours. So we’re looking for somewhere not super noisy or super expensive, where we don’t have to wait too long for a table at 530 pm on a Thursday. My friend is allergic to onions and garlic, so that somewhat limits what cuisines we can eat. Linda’s will always be my favorite but I figured for once I’d look for other options. There are so many bars/restaurants on the hill that I’m completely overwhelmed! Help!
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Saint John's!
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One of my favorite bars ever is Rumba on Pike. if you like Rum, you will have a great time. small but tasty eats. friendly staff. opens at 5.
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My favorite bar on Capitol Hill is Smith. It's on 15th, not the Pike-Pine area, so that may be too far afield, but that means it's a little more laid back. I have waltzed in there many times at 5ish and never had trouble getting a table. Great bar food, nice drinks, good beer selection, cool atmosphere. Comfy booths to hang out and chat in.
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If you love Linda's, you could try Bait Shop on Broadway between Mercer and Roy. It was my go-to when I lived there just two blocks away. The place is slower/quieter than almost any bar in the area and has a blue collar, kitschy atmosphere populated heavily by locals to the neighborhood. My favorite is an order of pan-seared fish tacos, add avocado, with a Coconut Lime Rickey... *wistful sigh*
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Honey hole.
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