Private sector solutions to "use-it-or-lose-it" work budget quandaries
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Please give me good recommendations for books/papers/anecdata/etc that present solutions for low-value agency spending bc of expiring budgets at the end of fiscal periods. I'm in the public sector but I'm interested in both public & private sector solutions at decreasing this type of potentially-wasteful spending. I just started reading this, I'd like more!

Tim Ferriss hack type stuff is welcome, as well as disruptive ideas!
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I live in a co-housing community where we have various teams with annual budgets (e.g. buildings and grounds, common house, heat and hot water, etc.). Our solution has been to ask teams to NOT build any buffer into their annual budget requests, then we fund a separate category for operating reserves. Teams are allocated slightly less than they are likely to spend. If they need more during the year they make a request to operating reserves to cover. We still have some scurry-around spending at the end of the year, but it's not much in the scheme of things.
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