Where can I find a very small articulating figurine?
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I'm looking for a small (1-2" hopefully) articulating figurine for a diorama-type display. I can't seem to find anything that small unless it's like a cartoonish thing; I'd rather have a relatively normal humanoid.

I'm doing a display at a show and want a little climber guy in a bonsai tree (it's about 2 feet tall) so it needs to be fairly small to be proportionate. Any leads?
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How much articulation do you need? The 1970s era Matchbox Mobile Action Command (MAC) are relatively realistic looking 2" figures and have enough articulation that they'd probably work as tree climbers. You should be able to find one on eBay for $10.00 or so.

They were the coolest toys ever but my stupid brother broke the stupid chairlift of the training base before I even got a chance to set it up.
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They don't usually articulate, but being made of fairly soft metal, you can usually bend them a bit, and the do come in many sizes; you'd have to cut the base off but that's doable with wire cutters-- take a look at RPG miniatures?
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Not articulated but I think HO scale model train figures might work for you.
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Those RPG miniatures are the kind of cartoonish ones as well as not being articulated. The matchbox ones- better, though I was hoping for finely articulating. I could maybe use one of the HO scale things, I suppose.
I think detailed and articulating are going to be impossible to find.
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This site has some 3D printed figurines in various scales:
The linked figurines are unpainted and have separate arms so I guess you could pose them a bit?
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What do you want is 1/12 scale ball joint dolls (bjd ). Whether or not you want to pay for them is a different case
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I have posed non-articulated figures by cutting off appendages and reattaching them. Could that work with some HO train set friends?
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I know nothing about 3D printing but here's a site that offers 3D printing plans if you have access to a 3D printer
You may be able to ask the designer about scaling it for height?
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What do you want is 1/12 scale ball joint dolls (bjd ).

Those are expensive (and double the size OP wants, but...). The obitsu11 body (11cm tall) is made of pvc plastic but the heads that go with it tend to be cartoony and the body is child-proportioned.

Anyway, one tiny bjd is Dollmore's Banji. They're 14cm tall (half Barbie size), more or less humanly proportioned, and there are boy and girl versions. There's even a cheaper set you can paint and string yourself, but frankly these tiny sizes are horrible to string, paint and sew for, so if you're new to bjds you should order your doll painted and strung from the store.
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If you just need a figure in climbing position (as opposed to an articulated something because you'll need to reposition it), I'm sure you can find a model railroad figure that is already in the right pose. For 1-2 inches tall, you probably want O scale.
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This Etsy shop sells posable dolls which are two inches tall. They are cloth over a wire armature, and can come blank or with faces.
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A number of you got me on a good path, I think- I found this that looks like a PITA to put together but it's probably about as close as I'm going to get!
Thanks very much everyone for the answers!
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