It's great to work with you, here's some chocolate
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What are some good "treat" items that I could ship internationally as gifts to colleagues, and what's the best way to ship them?

My workplace has a tradition that involves bringing in treats of some kind (donuts, candy, fruits, bagels, homemade muffins - whatever a person chooses) for celebratory occasions. Our international colleagues, obviously, do not generally get to participate in these events (though of course they have their own events). Since I've been working closely with several people at these international sites (and I have a recent celebratory occasion), I'd like to ship them a treat of some kind.

I'm leaning toward something that's relatively small and somewhat robust (so not a giant tub of popcorn or a fragile homemade scones). Perhaps local chocolates? Some kind of candy? Nuts? Beef jerky? Trail mix? (I guess my brain went to backpacking foods... maybe some dehydrated soups?)

Also - any advice on how best to ship these gifts? There will be a couple destinations (US to Germany). I checked the calculators at usps, ups, and fedex, but there are many choices and I wasn't in the mood to make a spreadsheet to compare them, especially since I'm still trying to decide on the "what" to send (and how big/heavy it'll be). If you've got a go-to shipping strategy, please share! In this case I'd prefer to ship the items myself (so I can include handwritten cards), rather than have the treat sent directly from a shop.
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Does your office have admins or facility people that could help? I would strongly recommend simply asking the local admin to buy something on your behalf, and to get the handwritten effect I’d send them a picture of a handwritten note and have them print it.
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It will be a lot easier if you buy the items on amazon, which has different sites for different countries. There's an, for instance, in Germany, and you can even designate your language as English. Postage will be local, which is a lot cheaper, and you don't have to worry about customs. It was also be faster, which might be helpful when it comes to sending food. You'll pay in euros, but your credit card company will convert the payment to dollars for you. Unfortunately, though you will still get the opportunity to add a personal note to the order, it won't be hand-written. But the entire process will be a lot simpler and faster than assembling an order in the USA and then having to post it yourself.
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Something _local_ if you can get it. For a while, I was sending everyone tiny boxes of "Chapel Hill Toffee", and a locally-produced botanical painting card or scenery. You could find something associated with a larger region/state that's also consumable or sharable and they won't get it anywhere else, and it shows that you are connected to the world in a real way. It's nice (and a good way to support local businesses).
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Kelley's Kookies or Carol's Cookies. Very different kinds of cookies - both hold up well to long shipping.
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