How to dye a nylon and polyester bag?
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Hi, daughter of monkeytoes here. I picked up a small crossbody bag at a rummage sale a few years back and I was wondering whether I can dye it or not.

It's a Travelon bag, pale bubblegum pink with teal lining. The label says that the shell is 100% polyester and the lining is 100% nylon and i was wondering if i could dye it a darker color like blue black brown etc., and if so which products to use and how to care after it's dyed. Will the dye rub off on my clothes? Thank you for your advice!
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This site has an incredible amount of information about dyeing stuff. Short version, unfortunately, nylon takes dye well, polyester is very difficult. You could try fabric paints though, Dharma Trading is my go-to source for dyes and paints, they have a very extensive how-to section as well.
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I have successfully used iDye Poly (but NOT the iDye made for natural fibers) to dye synthetics. You will have better luck with a darker color, but it will be unlikely that it will be the same shade both inside and outside due to the different-colored lining. You also might have to do a couple of rounds of dye.

I would recommend using a dye fixative (iDye makes one, the Dharma Trading site linked above also has great information and products) to minimize the potential of bleeding, and spot clean only if possible.
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There is fabric spray paint, not expensive and available in several colours. Useable on clothing, so it doesn't stiffen the fabric.
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