In search of a fantastic necklace
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Looking for this necklace (view 1, view 2) (or something reasonably similar) that I saw in the movie A Fantastic Woman. It was shot in Chile so I don't expect to find the original vendor, but it seems simple enough. It's a curved gold tube on a silver snake chain. Alternately, how can I get a good quality facsimile made?

I see a lot of examples on regular chains and with flatter curves. I'm not interested in those. If your advice is to have it custom made, specific recommendations are welcome as I don't know who to ask. How much would it cost to make it with good quality materials?
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Etsy might be a good place to start. A lot of sellers are happy to do custom work.
posted by Constant Reader at 10:54 AM on February 13, 2018

Close, perhaps you could change out the chain.
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I think the tube part of this one on Etsy is pretty close, but it is on a gold chain. The shop owner says she does custom orders, you may be able to figure something out with her.
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Here are a few more from Etsy: 1, 2, 3
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Here are some more possibles: this and this. To get closer to what Daniela Vega is wearing, you should ask for a collar-length snake chain.
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